Spanked In Front Of The Neighbor!

I was in a cranky mood this morning and couldn't control myself. I knew it was a bad idea but sometimes your mouth speaks ahead of your brain...

We were drinking coffee over breakfast when our farmer neighbor dropped by to join us. He and my husband were talking about going hunting and I said absolutely not, we had plans. My husband looked at me raising his eyebrows and said, "Honey, we can organize the pantry when it gets dark, Jim and I are just going to go out for a little bit" and I started stamping around and whining like a 5 year old. Next thing I knew my husband pushed his chair back, threw me across his lap, lifted my skirt (remember I no longer wear panties at his demand...) and began to spank me. I was floored, very embarrassed (my a-- was already sore from Fridays spanking) and couldn't control my kicking and screaming. I know as I was scissoring my legs I was giving Jim a great view of my p---y but I couldn't stop. It hurt so bad, his hand just kept swatting. Once I began sobbing he stopped and told me to go stand in the corner and take off my skirt. I stood up with both sets of cheeks bright red I'm sure! and did as I was told. He and Jim continued to drink and talk and he offered Jim more coffee. He left the room to get it and I was dying of embarrassment standing there with my naked butt to him but I knew if I moved I was in for it. A few minutes later my husband returned and ordered me back over his lap. I was horrified to see my paddle on the table. I begged and pleaded forgetting that Jim had a clear view of my naked c--t but Chris just forced me back over his lap. The first swing of the paddle caused me to become hysterical but 25 later Chris finally stopped. He sent me back to the corner and he left to gather his hunting stuff. I was unable to stand still as my butt was burning and I could hear Jim snickering. After 30 minutes of corner time Jim and Chris left to hunt and I was told to expect more later if the house wasn't completely clean and Chris didn't find me naked on his return. I'm sure Jim had a memorable Sunday AM.
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5 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I bet Jim walked off on his own and jerked off over that, I know Damn well I woulda. I'd love to see your marked *** afterward.

lucky Jim and poor you

Yikes, hope things go well tonight for you sweetie

It sounds like you deserved it

Yes but right now I'm naked with a sparkling clean kitchen and I've started in the pantry by myself. Hopefully my husband won't find anything to spank me about tonight. My butt is black and blue already...