Spanked In Front Of The Neighbor Again

So after 4 hours of cleaning in the nude I noticed by neighbors wife walking up my long drive and I ran upstairs and quickly threw on a sweatsuit. Judy came in and asked if she could wait for her husband with me because she was lonely and I agreed. I was nervous because Chris had said to be naked but at least the house was clean. We sat in our breakfast room drinking a cup of coffee and gabbing and I heard the back door open and Chris call in. I told him Judy and I were in the breakfast room and he and Jim walked in. I swallowed hard as Chris glared at me. Then Judy piped in how she had expected to find me naked like Jim said but I was wearing clothes when she arrived. I looked at her incredulously and she said that Jim had called her and told her to come on over and watch the fun because he bet Chris $50 that I wouldn't be naked when they got home. Chris told me to take off my clothes and lay across his knees and with tears running down my face I slowly complied. Judy commented on how she had never seen a grown woman spanked and she sat on Jim's lap to watch. I managed to keep control for the first 25 spanks, then Chris made me go upstairs and get the paddle and I lost it. I begged for him to take it easy but he was angry I cost him $50. 20 whacks with the paddle then he bent me over the table for 20 whacks of his belt. I lay crying and heaving on the table and Jim and Judy talked about how much fun they had thanked Chris for the show and said they were going home. Chris made me stay laying on the table with my feet spread wide for 30 minutes then he made me s-ck his c-ck until he c-me deep down my throat and then he sent me to bed. He went out for dinner and is still not back yet so I snuck in here to complain to you, my friends.
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I love your story. Spanked in front of others? Wow. I wish that would happen to me. I got my first real spanking from my husband on December 15th because I'd asked him to discipline me like he threatened. It was the best day ever! Of course I'm new, so I can't take it like you can and I'm ashamed that I started begging so fast. Lol

Humiliation is abuse. This is not a domestic discipline relationship No one has the right to bring others in to see you naked or spank you in front of anyone.No one but you and him should even know about it. This a very private thing. This is just wrong. Get out of this leave him.