My Husband Spanks Me Regularly

My husband recently decided (within the past few months) that I was not responding to him appropriately, ie., spending too much money shopping, sneaking cigarettes and lying to him about it, making smart comments to him, so he sat me down one day to talk. At first I thought he was just playing with me, but when he leveled his eyes at me I realized he was serious. We've been married for seven years and have never really had any problems that we haven't been able to work out, but apparently he felt as though he needed to take more control. He told me that there were some rules he expected me to follow - stop lying, don't spend money without discussing it first, things like that. I still thought he wasn't actually serious, but then he told me that if I didn't obey the rules he was going to discipline me. I didn't believe him but then he stood up, went into the other room and brought back a wooden paddle I hadn't ever seen before. He told me that he was going to give me a taste of what I could expect when he disciplined me and before I knew it he had put me over the edge of the couch with my sundress up and my panties down around my knees. He used his hand for the first few whacks and then starting using the paddle. It hurt so much I had tears in my eyes. He continued on for a little bit and then he stopped. He told me to stand up and fix my dress so I did and then he sat me down and said the reason he had done that was because he loved me. He told me that once a week he was going to spank me to keep me in line. He also warned me that he intended to follow through if I tested him, and that the next time he wouldn't be so gentle. I tested him on the next day by going shopping and found myself bent over the couch again wishing I hadn't. For me, it's become a valuable part of my marriage, because I respect him so much more for taking control and following through. He spanks me once a week, and if I break any rules it's more and usually a lot harder. He is always fair about it and never spanks me without a good reason. I love him now more than I ever have and it has taught me to honor him and love him in ways I never imagined. It's really made me a better, more focused person and wife.

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very nice

Good for him! Spanking - especially on a regular basis - can bring so much to a relationship. I love your attitude to it.

I am a husband of 2 wives and both are spanked by me. We are a Christian Polygamous family where the husband is the head of the household. My first wife and i have been married since 1986 and have never had an argument ever. There is harmony in the house. My 2nd wife i married over 3 years ago and she has also been spanked by me. They both feel very loved and cherished but they also understand the roles in the family. I am amazed at how much fighting happens with other families because in our family that doesn't happen. It doesn't mean that my wives don't have a say. in fact I need to understand what their needs are.

My husband spank me. There are two forms of spanking. He has me bare my bottom get over his knee and he puts baby oil on my bottom and spanks me. When he is finished it is red and sore.
The more serous ones he uses the wooden soon and I am usually sore the next day.
They are not mean or cruel it is just that sometimes they are needed. It leaves no bruises it is just sore and a reminder.

I am so glad I dont get "maintenance" spankings. I actually have to do something wrong and it is a punishment. I do not like the idea of a spanking for no reason.

You are lucky that you both feel the same way about domestic discipline. A big problem is that one partner wants it, and the other does not. Surprisingly, it is usually the submissive one who wants it, and the other partner who does not. You are a lucky woman.

We started spanking as a sex fetish and still do that. However,over the years, the challenges of raising children, and long term marriage ate away at our happiness.I often resented him He started spanking me for real as well as for sex. He gave me rules to follow and held me accountable for breaking them. He also started giving me a hard spanking once a week that was not for sex or for misbehavior. It was just to remind me that I am his and I am always to submit to him cheerfully. I am so well trained now that I dont squirm or kick my legs anymore. I hold my position perfectly . (I do cry which is allowed).I hate the pain but I am no longer humiliated when placed bare bottom OTK like a child. I dont fell like a child, but like a cherished woman , and I am exactly in the place I am meant to be. After he spanks me I am very sweet and loving to him. I love him so much for spanking me.<br />
He is not a tyrant. he does not berate me over housework or errands. He lets me be in charge of our money as he is too busy and I am a good money manager. When we have serious family issues to settle he always hears my ideas and would never spank me for expressing them as long as I am respectful to him. We come to mutal decisions usually. Otherwise I do defer to him of course.

Lucky you! I wish more then anything that my husband would spank me daily if necessary. He does nothing!! no matter what I do!!! I run the house and it's so fraustrating, I have all this tension buiot up, he won't do it, I've asked him an dnothing! I know I would be a better person if he spanked me, but he wont and I'm mierable.

So do I my husband never spanks me even though I explain to him that its what I wanted he never does so I misbehave on purpose to get his attention so he will spank me but he just ignores me. Getting spanked will let me know he loves me and that he cares but I don't know if he feels that way because he never spanks me :(

Ah I wish my boyfriend would spank me for lying. :/ Sometimes I intentionally lie, then let him find out, just to push him, but all he does is ignore me. I've already talked to him about this, but he's not really into hurting girls... ah what to do, what to do..

I would spank u any day

I used to get spanked and paddled regularly for over spending, when we first got married. But, eventually I learned to control my spending habits, because I got tired of having a sore bottom and spending most of my time in the corner.

That's great!! I wish more husband's would take charge and discipline their wives. I get my share of spanking if I break a rule. It hurts and I don't like it, but it always helps me in the long run.

Your husband was right to discipline you. If I misbehave my husband bends me over his knee, pulls my knicker down and then spanks my bare bottm with his slipper. This was the way my father spanked me as a child and my husband has continued this discipline. It hurts like hell but it has made our marriage work

i know it's not fun being spanked but yes your husband was right to discipline you in that way. you went to see a friend he doen't approve of you lied about it andyou didn't obey him when he advised you that you were going to be disciplined. i would have received a very severe whipping from my husband if i had done those things. hopefully you can learn from his discipline and not repeat the behavior.

Oh I wish I could get my husband to do that. I am the one hinting around about it and he toys with it but I want to know I am going to be disciplined when necessary and am terribly frustrated.