Spanking Husband In Panties

Oh yes spanking my husband on his satin panty clad butt turns me on so much. I also enjoy when he bends me over and spanks my satin panty clad butt. Its fun to take turns spanking each other and feeling each others satin panty clad butt, sometimes its more of a hard spanking and other times we are in the mood for more of a caressing type spanking feeling that silky material stretched tightly across a nice ***. Check out our profile for more about us.
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5 Responses Mar 9, 2012

Now that sounds like fun.

ive never been spanked while wearing panties but i think itd be nice to be somewhere where guys and girls are walking around wearing t-shirt and panties giving everyone playful pats on the butt.

im spank often in my panteis an let me say that wearing panties for spanking does not make it any easier for sure no protection

I relish that kind of pantie play. Just feeling, spanking, or caressing a pantie encased *** is such a fabulous thrill. A females *** is gorgeous and enticing in silky nylon or satin panties. Love looking upskirts at a females panties to. <br />
<br />

Very hot!