Fantasy: I Want To Be Publicly ********

   I found a story on You Tube about a boi about my age, who was publicly ******** against his will, by a group of gurlz, in the middle of a courtyard, with others in view. The video was originally posted by the gurlz, but was apparently later taken down. The video I say was a news clip with a blurred out image of the video. I was so excited by it, wishing I was in the boi's shoes... or... well, in his place. The gurlz grabbed his arms & legs, & pinned them down while stripping him as he protested. I wouldn't care if they were bois, girlz, or both. I'd just love to be ******** just like that.
babybop2002 babybop2002
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Me too... And then walk away with my clothes.

I would actually prefer that they take my clothes, & leave me nakid.

I know I'd be hoping they left with my clothes or that they just wouldn't give them back to me at all. I know I'd have a hard time acting like I was resisting as they ******** me too. But once they were done I'd be pretty disappointed if they had any intention of giving them back to me.

Yeah... ditto that.