Do You Ever....

Find yourself pushing yourself way above and beyond your limits? Just to help other people? To the point where all your own stuff just doesn't matter and then it all builds up and comes crashing down on you like a ton of bricks...?

I've found myself doing that so much recently and it's got to the point where I can't seem to stop because I feel so guilty for it and like they'll hate me if I'm not there for them. I love helping people, it's what I thrive upon in life, but to the point where I just feel crap all the time and guilty and unhappy with the way my life is? Surely that's not right?

I know I had a bad beginning with my life and was always called selfish despite doing everything against what I wanted to do and again, helping people when I could. Why was I called selfish if I wasn't actually selfish? I'm confused... :/

So yeah... Just wanted to find out if anyone has done this/does do it and if they have any wisdom on how to just stop doing it and finally start taking care of me and my own mental health?
krazykirst krazykirst
Aug 10, 2010