My Wife Did It To Me

me and my wife are into bondage and bondage games with one another , we went to a hotel and went to dinner and back to the hotel where we were tying each other up all night , and then she tied me to the chair what she did was she sat me down and put hinged handcuffs on me with my hands behind my back behind the chair and then she tied my feet together with duct tape (pink plaid) and then she put duct tape around my body (pink plaid) and then she gagged me with pink plaid duct tape and left me there while she was pouring her a glass of soda and she left me there for a about 15 to 20 mins but i wish she couldve left me there for a long time but that was ok i thought it was cool.thats a fantasy of mine to be left tied up and left there for like an hour to start of with , to simulate being tied up after a robbery or something , but with my wife only though.
soldier34 soldier34
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1 Response Sep 18, 2012

has your wish come true?