My Wish

I want to be tied up, gagged and leaved in a pleace for too many hours
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6 Responses Jan 17, 2013

My wish is I want to be kidnapped (or fake kidnap),tied up and gagged.if I do something bad I get punished (like a spanking).the person owns me and does somthimg to show it.....I would call them Master or Mistress.Tell me what you would have me call you,wjat you would call me,how you would punish me and how would you make everyone now I belong to you.

Your wish I would love to complete for you. Then and if you go out you could return the favour how would you have me tied up and gagged xx PM me with more details and I will share more with you in how you would be bound and gagged xx ;)

Your wish sounds like to me would be a fun time

With a blindfold...
And while you struggle to free yourself you manage to remove that, letting you look around.
then you see several tools to get free and spend the rest of the hours trying to get them and/or use them...but in the end you'll be not able to free yourself

what a nice wish

thats wild u like wedgies?