Being Tied Up, During Sex Is Liberating...

I adore most things to do with sex (well, who doesn't really?), Being tied up, handcuffed, and treated rough is just one of many, but oh can it be liberating, for a submissive gay guy like me, to have a man utterly control me, having any say in the session/sex removed out of my control, and letting my dom entirely make me submitt to his desires.
The one I've done a fair bit lately, is that which my fiance likes doing to me; He's naturally dominating, and I'm naturally slubmissive, and so it works fabulusly for both of us.
We'll arrange to meet, at mine, and if he's in the mood for it, I'll prepare before hand, as to his wishes; Douch myself out a couple hours beforehand, so he can **** my boy-**** if he wishes, and he loves me in girly clothes, so I'll wear the bra and panties he loves, and maybe slip a babydoll nighty, or plain nighty on, or wear a dress he likes in particular, I'll have showered earlier, and shaved my legs, ***, armpits, ****, and everywhere down below the way he likes...
I'll have gotten the chair out ready, a plain heavy wooden one we like to use, and set it up in the bedroom, with the other things he might like to use on the set of drawers; handcuffs, leg cuffs, some rope, or scarfs for tieing me up etc.

We'll useually make out a lot, wehn he arrives, often he'll command me to sink to my knees, and first service his feet, before I'm allowed to get my mouth to his ****.
I'll spend as long as I'm permitted, licking smelling and lapping all over his feet and toes, and then he'll be getting horney and hard, so I am useually allowed to suck him a long while, before he'll tell me what a naughty sissy girl I am, and how 'daddy' needs to show **** what a dirty ***** she is.
Then he'll take me upstairs, and I'll be ********, and bound to the chair, blindfolded, and he'll begin to torture, torment tantalise and stimulate me.
He adores my breasts, and as he can bring me off by playign with my ****, that is something he enjoyes to do a lot whilst I@m tied up; He can be really rough, and even rougher than that when I'm tied up; as I have no say as to what is 'too hard'.
He'll pinch, bite twist and torture my nipples, whilst I'm tied, useually rubbing his **** all over my face, and lips, but moving it away as I try to take it into my mouth; teasing me with his ****, whilst he's giving my breasts such exquisit pleasure, and pain.
He's gotten rough enough before to draw blood from my nipples; OK, I'm not a fan of 'blood', in itself, but just being able to submit that* much, that he can be that* rough is a huge turn on.
He'll have been working my **** for a long while now, and they'll be so sore and tender the slightest touch brings me off, and I'll have orgasmed and/or *** upwards of a dozen times during this; orgasming from the ***/nipple play is more like an anal ******, and useually its just tons of pre-***, rather than a full ***********, hence it can make me ****** multiple times.
Once he's really horney, and he's had enough fun on my ****, I'll useually be lucky enough to get what I'm gagging for, and he'll start face-******* me, which I adore anyhow, and again he can be so* much rougher and agressive in doing it when I'm tied in the chair...
My only fear is one day It'll end up with the chair tipping over and an actual* injury might result!
He'll then either face-**** my mouth until he **** into me, or deside he wants my boy ****; due to the position in the chair, he'll have to rearrange his ****-toy and retie me up in order to gain access to my ***** and **** me... useually that's ditching the chair and instead tieing me either over the set of drawers (they're a bit low really), or t the bed (also a bit low), I hope at some point to get a decent enough tall table in the room, so he can tie me to that when he wants to **** my *** whilst I@m tied up...
Not been tied up sadly since before Christmas now, and we're only getting back into being together again, so I expect it won't be long before he's got me bound and tied; He's bought me a new skirt, and he wants to **** me tied up whilst I@m wearing it, and spank me too; its a typical UK grey school skirt, and I think he's just waiting on some more school-girl clothes to go with it, for me to wear whilst he punhishes me and ***** me as I'm dressed up as a school girl... Looking forward to that, a new one for me, for sure...
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Thankyou, for reading it. I'm just hoping I'll get it done to me, again soon, when we've next the oppertunity for my fiance and I to be together..