First Time Tied

I had fantasied about this so many times and years ago my g/f of the time tied me to the bed, but her heart wasn't in it. Then I joined a kinky dating site, and as a result arranged to meet a girl at a hotel to 'see how it went'

Well me met, got on well, and after a pleasant evening went back to the room, where she wanted to handcuff me and play a game. I wanted to be clean first, so I had a quick shower and came out the bathroom just wearing a towel. She handcuffed my hands behind my back and blindfolded me, and then with me sat on the edge of the bed, she then, while using a pin wheel to tickle me, made to go through the alphabet think of a word that began with the letter I was on to describe her, (A for awesome etc). If she liked my choice we would move on to the next letter (B for beautiful) , if she didn't or I was too slow she would tickle me with the pin wheel and would stay on the same letter, its so difficult to think straight under those circumstances.

After that game (when I'm sure she got several good loos at my shaved erection due my wriggling about and the towel moving - (she re-adjusted it once or twice) we had a brief rest and then she asked if she could tie me to the bed.

I decided I could trust her, even though we had just met and we were in a public place after all, so I agreed. Still wearing the towel, she handcuffed my hands over my head and tied them to the bedhead, and then tied each ankle to the bedlegs, spreading my legs, and the blindfold went back on. She then used ice from the minibar on my nipples and chest, the pinwheel all over, and the vibrating handle of an electric toothbrush to tease me, focusing on my renewed erection through the material of the towel. This went on for what seemed hours, and the towel became so loose it was only lying on top of me, and for ages I wasn't sure if I was covered at all. Eventually she let me go so I could use the bathroom, and then she let me climax by lying on the bed naked and playing with myself while she watched. We finally went to sleep, me naked and her in her nightdress, I never saw her naked, but she saw me and all shaved and excited glory.

We met up again a few more times after this, but those are other stories for later
farsleyshibari farsleyshibari
41-45, M
Dec 2, 2012