My First Time :)

It all stared when I was 10. My sisters friend Debbie would watch me when my folks would go out. Debbie was 18. We had paled tie up games before, but never like this time. On this day Debbie come over for the night as my folks where going out of town for the week end. After making dinner, we sate on the cough to watch a move. During the move I noticed Debbie’s back pack. In it was a bunch of winter scarf’s . she saw me & told my to take them out & up to my room. I did. She tolled me to ***** & put on here silk short’s. they fit very snug. Taking one of the scarf’s she tied my hand’s behind my back knotting the end’s very tightly. Then she tied a scarf around my elbows knotting it to. With 3 more scarf’s she tied my upper body so I could not move at all. Needles to say, there was now a bulge in the tight fitting silk short’s. and Debbie was smiling. She had never tied me up this tight before. Pushing me on the bed, she took a scarf & tied my ankle to my thy in a figure eight and knotted the end’s. she did the same to my other one. Then with a another scarf, she tied one end to my ankle, & tied the other end to the bed frame, pulling it very tightly. This spared my knees wide apart. Then she did the same to my other knee. Taking 3 more scarf’s she tied me to the bed by rapping them around me & the bed. I could not move at all. Then she grabbed the budge in the silk short’s & squids it hard. I had never had a filling like that before. But I had to get it back. Debbie smiled & asked how I like it. I was berthing hard & told her I like it a lot. She smiled & told me it only gets better. Debbie had never gagged me before, but taking off here silk panties she said you’ll like this. She stuffed the silk in my mouth, & tied it there by rapping a scarf around my head 3 time’s knotting the end’s very tightly. MMMMmmmmmffff. Is all I could do. Debbie told me she had one more scarf. She pulled it out of here back pack & stuffed it in the silk short’s god it was soft. I tried moving my hips but tied as I was I could not move at all. Debbie saw a wet spot in the shorts, & said I can fix that. She cut the silk off of me & taking here panty hose, she very tightly rapped them around my ball’s knotting the end’s. MMMMmmfffff. I thought I die. Id had *****’s before, but I was so hard. Smiling Debbie rapped the last scarf around my throbbing cok, & knotted the end. Then with the rest of the scarf, she slowly pushed it up in my *** while rubbing the other part tied to my cok up & down. I thought I’d pas out. By the time she made me ***, she had most of the scarf in my ***. I lead there trembling. She left me there till the next morning, when she jacked me off again, but this time she would pull the scarf out of my *** very slowly, till I cam again. Ill never forget here.

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You say she's tied you up before that time. Can I hear some stories about that?

Hey, I'm planning to recreate this with my bf soon(with some changes), and I'll probably post it as an experience. Do you want me to give you the credit?


Hate to be the spelling police but your spelling takes away from the story. Use spell check!

u were too lucky man!!! i wish there was another Debbie to do this to me

WHOOO!! I am breathing hard.

Devilish Debbie! Nothing better than starting off with your babysitter.

Oooh, Little quiet wimper of delight at the thought!