all tied up camping

My favorite is being tied up while camping. I love being ******** naked and tied with my hands over my head to a tree limb along side of a trail in the woods and then being blindfolded and have duck tape put over my mouth.  What a rush I have when I hear people approaching and I can't see who they are and can't run away either. I have never been seriously hurt but I have been abused which is what I long for when I am being tied up.

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I'm surprised that the forest rangers or campground officials don't come and cart you off to a holding cell.

That's exactly my fantasy. I've wanted that or something close to it for as long as I can remember. How lucky you are to have someone to do it to you.

oh man! i'd love to be tied up like that!! it's one of my dreams to be tied up and gagged in a forest, helpless and defenseless against random strangers! lucky you! ^w^

very erotic.

I also share same feeling and would like to be tied up