So The Wives Decided...

If you've read my previous post where I was "Single on New Year's Eve" and the wife hosting the party told me to *****...with the extremely warm weather the wives decided on something new...

At our last get together I was told the wives had met and decided that since I like to be naked they can tell me at a moments notice to ***** if I'm at any of the parties, or just over their house for a visit!

I know all the husbands and they think I'm "just a nut" - so they just laugh, smile and think nothing of it. I'm not going to fool around with their wives...I just LIKE TO BE NAKED! :)

The weekend after the 4th of July we all got together to just chill out and enjoy the weekend. The hostess wife had this grin as she pulled me aside away from the group.

"Give me your clothes..."

I was confused as I wasn't aware of the other wives decision.

"*****! NOW!"

Still confused I just started stripping and handing her my tshirt and my cargo shorts. I had nothing else on except my sandals. I asked if I could keep those on. She said "Sure...but you're NAKED for the rest of the night!" I replied "Okay..." and grabbed a beer...

The crowd was hooting and holllering...the guys just shaking their heads laughing. One of the wives pinched my butt...I didn't think anything of it as I was on my umpteenth beer.

For the rest of the day I just laid outside and soaked up some their house was very secluded with fences and shrubbery there was no problem with me being naked outside. By nightfall I asked if anyone wanted me to get dressed...they all answered with a resounding "NO!" So for the rest of the night as we played card games...I was nice and relaxed...nothing like good friends who don't mind when you're wearing nothing by sandals and a smile!


It looks like it's going to be an interesting Summer!
NuUne NuUne
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1 Response Jul 16, 2010

Hmmmm. I like the idea. Actually, I would like to have everyone naked.