Single On New Years Eve

So I was invited to this New Years Eve party...I was HOUNDED by some of the wives to come to the party...I always feel the 'odd man out' since I'm single at a party like this!

Well a couple of the wives know I like to be naked and they told me if I come they would tell me when to *****. Not everyone there knew this would be happening!

So after several hours of drinking the wife hosting the party told me "It's time for you to *****!"

I went to her room, removed all my clothes and came out naked...leaving some of the wives who didn't know I'd be doing this to get their cameras! One of the husbands told his wife "Hurry up!"


At midnight we all toasted then everyone got together for a group picture...the wives on the second pic all separated leaving me naked in front of the camera. I just laughed it off!

No one minded me being naked, so I stayed that way until about 3AM when my ride said they were heading home.

A New Year's Eve many will remember!

NuUne NuUne
36-40, M
Feb 7, 2010