First Time Topless

Well I have been asked this a lot the last two days so

I have always been very conservative but that started to change the day I got my first thong and push-up bra. The story “first time buying a thong” when I realized how much my husband loved me in sexy clothes and how hard he got seeing me at VS I now that it was my job as his wife to for fill his needs and that he deserved every bit of it. I was very shocked about how I came out of the dressing room and had a rough week after that happened. Telling my self that I was a **** what that is not how a girl acted. I was and still go to church and was brought up that you don’t show any man that stuff but then I read Song of Solomon study about marriage and love now I am not a theologian but this is about a husband and wife in love and making love it talks about them making love having oral sex and running around I field naked and stuff so I am thinking to my self if god has one hole book of the bible about sex and love and that there is nothing not aloud in a marriage as long as we both agree and that as long as I am not showing every thing off to get guys to look at me but for my husband than there is no harm I can walk around covered from head to toe in baggy cloths and I will still have men looking at me but that’s not what I think about its about my husband and I what we feel is ok in are marriage .

Any way that was what I dealt with that week I started shopping with him letting him pick out what he liked. I trusted that he will tell me when I need to be covered and the longer we went the more I was comfortable with. It was about 6 month after getting married that I did the topless at a beach I always was ok with bikinis and was tanning my back on a beach that was empty for a good bit up and down the cost I could only see little dots far down the way that was the only resin I would of dared he was flirting with me and getting me all turned on her told me he need to get in the water so when he left to walk down I figured I would surprise him and rolled over when her dove in the water we had are blanket on a high flat spot so he did not see that I did not retie my top on till he was walking back up the beach his jaw dropped he looked both ways with this big grin on his face I watched his **** get hard under his suit and he ran the rest of the way and asked if I needed help with my lotion.

I would do this from time to time on a empty beach and on are first anniversary we went for a weekend getaway to Miami south beach and the suit in my pics “no kids” was a gift I got him before we left and that was the only one I had on the trip my gift was I would wear it all day on the main beach with all the people to see. When we got to the beach with in 20 min I was so turned-on by how my husband was loving how I looked and kept telling me I was the hottest girl in Miami that I rolled over with out tying my top gave him a big kiss and told him I needed to cool off. I stood up and walked slowly down into the water with a smile on my face knowing he was to stunned to follow me down when I came back up he was rock hard all day no mater how many times we went back to the hotel to help him out LOL. we shopped with me in it just with a little almost sheer cover-up over the thong because I cant walk on the street like that with out getting in trouble with the cops. He bought me some really short very low-cut dresses to wear out to dinner and to some clubs because that’s what you do in Miami even thought we are not really club goers neither of us drink much I am to much of a fitness freak to get into drinking its not good for your body. We danced and had fun we liked watching the other people more and seeing all the sexy girls I think that along with what happened in VS is when I realized I really have a thing for the female body I was pointing out all the really hot sexy girls asking my husband if he that she was sexy or if that dress was hot would you like me to dance like that you know all the stuff that men love to talk about. We did this for three days but as soon as my feet hit the walkway off the road onto the beach I would pull my top off and the cover-up off so all I had on was a thong.

I still did not do this in the town that I was a teacher in only out of town for along time until we got the house on the beach that is very much like a private beach area the only people we ever see are the house owners and most of them are the same way. The kids do not have a lot of friends over and the ones that do know better to say any think about it and are cool with it and do too. Its not that uncommon and most people not think much about it

Any way that is how I first was topless and then first time on a full beach

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4 Responses May 10, 2012

awsome story .

My gf could not wait to get her top off in Spain. She knowed i was enjoying the other ladys and she enjoyed the other men watching. I like that they watched too.

Nice to feel free sexually and soak up the sun.

Incredible story - realy nice to read