My Sexy Experience With An Old Crush.

My boyfriend, “William” has always been a fan of sharing me with other guys, and before this particular time, I was a bit close-minded to it… but that’s about to change.
I had been talking to an old friend I hadn’t seen in eight years on the internet lately. We both confessed that we had had feelings for each other and found each other very attractive… so eventually we set up a time to finally see each other again.

William drove me to “Shawn’s” work after it was closed. Shawn was under the impression that I was single, so it made the whole situation even more exciting, especially since William was getting a huge rise out of this. I walked into his empty office, we hugged, and we started talking like old friend’s tend to do, then there was silence, and I noticed he was smiling at me … and I shyly asked “what?” He turned away, blushing… and quietly said “I’m thinking.”
“Thinking what?” I asked, already knowing what was in his head. “I want to kiss you so badly.”
I giggled to myself and promptly asked “Well, why don’t you?”
He said that he didn’t want to pressure me to do anything, but I reassured him that if I was uncomfortable, I would let him know.
   He leaned in and we shared a soft, sensual kiss. Afterward we both shyly smiled, knowing how good it felt. After a bit more small talk, he stated that he wanted to kiss me again, badly, but we needed to go somewhere more private as the place we were could be seen in from outside.
   So, he took me inside a small, well-lighted mini-kitchen. I leaned against the counter as he came closer. I noticed he was shivering, as was I. We had been waiting for this moment for literally years, and it was finally happening.
He put his hands on me, first under my shirt. “Your skin is softer than I imagined.” His hands glided over my hour-glass figured and suddenly he seemed to get weak in the knees. He started to kiss me again, then his hand went down to my *****, rubbing it gently over my jeans. I felt a tingle down there as he was rubbing it just right. His hands then moved back up under my shirt, and he started feeling my D36 size breasts, over my bra. I then decided to just go for it, and I took off my top. He was already so turned on that he said he was scared he would do something he might regret later, but I trusted him.
    Shawn then unhooked my bra and put his hands on my bare breasts. His hands were cold and made my nipples rock hard. He started kissing me again and slowly kissed his way down my neck to my breasts. He explored my hard nipples with his tongue for a good five minutes, and I enjoyed every second of it. His other hand was creeping under my jeans and panties, and he started rubbing my shaven ***** with his now warmed up hands. His tongue eventually returned to my mouth and we made out for another ten minutes, while his hands seemed to be glued to my breasts, rubbing and squeezing them and enjoying them as much as he possibly could.
 By this time it was getting late and he needed to go, even though he had already made more time for me than he expected. I put my bra and shirt back on, reluctantly. He admitted to me that I was the hottest girl he’d ever been with and could not wait to meet up with me again. I can’t either.

We plan to meet up for an even hotter session very soon.

After we said our goodbyes and I left his office, I met up with my boyfriend William, and told him the entire story on the way home. I could tell it was exciting him quite a lot, and as soon as we got home he ripped off my clothes and put his hand in my *****. He retold the story I told him and I had the most intense ****** I had ever have. And, of course I told him the story again while I jerked him off topless.
All in all, a VERY fun night.


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how could i find a woman willing to do that??

You go girl! Great story and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Have you told your boyfriend about it yet? <br />
<br />
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