I Want to Be Fondled By Another Guy While My Bf Watches

My boyfriend's fantasy is to come home from work to see me being topless and being felt up by another guy. So I was planning on trying to find a willing guy... somehow, to come over like an hour before my bf is due to be home, so we could chat and eventually I would take off my shirt and bra and he would grope me til my boyfriend got home. But even then, I would let them both just play with my breasts for as long as they wanted.... and maybe take some pictures. I think everyone involved would like it.

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10 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Would love to see a topless pic.

I know I sure would enjoy it

I bet, good for you and your lucky boyfriend.

Wow, very good, way to go, fun for you, fun for the guy and fun for your husband! Good of you to help the boyfriend have his fantasy.

please let me be the guy. that is all i want out of life is to play with breast, but because i am in a chair no woman will let me see her breast.

Sounds like not just everyone involved but others hearing of it would like it :D

If you were asking me, I'd be interested (of course) but also wanting to make sure he was going to have a sense of humour about it :)

Your boyfriend is one lucky guy. I love it when my wife lets others see and touch her breasts. It is such a turn-on to let other men and women see and fondle her while I watch.

Your search for this "willing guy" should take all of ONE second, my dear! What male in his right mind would refuse? LOL

Yea she is a very nice girl.-------------------- But Really (Quote: (trying to find a willing guy) Yea Right : )