My twin brother and I always used to be topless at home all day when we were kids, but when I started growing breasts I got shy (like all girls that age, I imagine) and stopped. I came across the idea of topfreedom ("If men can be topless, why not women?") when I was 16 and since then I started doing it again.

I also got rid of all bras and bikini tops, and I still don't own any. So there's no way you'll ever see me on a beach without me being topless! When the weather's hot, I'm the same way at home -why sweat more if I can help it?

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If you are home, then you don't even need clothes at all.
It's great that you like relaxing topless!

what beach do u go to?

Glad to hear that from you. Girls needs to be bold like you. i support topfreedom for girls.

Go girl

I'm with you, women should be topless when ever they want

I'm with ya on the equal rights of women. In fact I'll go one step further! Sad to say, a lot of guys check out the size of a womans chest. Topless or not, they seem to really admire the big ones. For a long long time, womens fashions focused on the size of a womans breast. Now how would men feel that the women of the world could ascertain the size of a mans "package" at a glance due to what they were wearing? I'm betting there would be a lot of "sock stuffing".. Bill in Va.

Well, if I do, then somebody does: me. Why would it be a problem?