Fell In Love Here. Now In Terrible Pain.

I came to this site to find comfort through friendships and like stories and experiences. I found a man who caught my attention immediately. His writings were truthful and beautiful. They spoke to a place in my heart. We started talking and became very good friends. He brought feelings back to me that had been lost for a very long time. Being married to an alcoholic with verbal abuse my self confidence had become fairly non-existent.

We brought each other alive and the friendship led to more. We both fell deeply in love. My marriage has been over for a very long time just not in writing. However unhappy he was at the time in his marriage he must not have been at the no return to happiness in his marriage that I was. I know we should have been smarter. I have never felt so beautiful, desired and respected in my entire life. He was my Knight in Shining Armor.

We talked about our future and how we couldn't live without each other. He even moved closer to where I am. We both knew it would still be a while for our forever after future. We came together in body and soul and my life was finally complete again.

Unfortunately the guilt that he ended up having overwhelmed him. I still love him and know in a way he will always have a part of my heart. He is back with his wife and planning their future and here I am lonely and lower than ever.

I know the way to do this is wait until I am divorced and then I can go forth with all my heart and effort to find Mr. Right. Even though I still think he was the one, I guess it was just not in the stars for us. What I do know is that I must find my other half in the future. I deserve to be respected, desired, loved and taken care of. I look so forward to it.
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2012

Sad but beautiful in its own right. If only we could turn back the time, and be able to amend those areas that needed amending. But, marriage is not perfect is it? There is more giving than taking. The more you are prepared to be seen to be giving, you will also note that the other is thinking the same. What we think as giving may not be seen in the same light as their giving may be taken for granted by us too.<br />
Being taken for granted and not feeling offended - that is love. The more we are able to let go (both ways) the stronger our bond.

This is a beautiful sad story. I love my boyfriend but last summer I fell in love with a man that made me feel beautiful and whole and loved. We connected more than anyone before. But I ended my relationship with him and decided to stay with my current boyfriend. I love my boyfriend and really truly want it to work forever. I am 100% dedicated to our relationship but I can't help but remember my ex and feel horrible. I did to him what that man did to you and I feel bad. I know he is okay and has a new girlfriend but I still wonder is it better to have loved and lost, or to never have loved at all. In truth though, you can't really control love so why try. :p C'est la vie.

I have been where you are. Almost the same situation. It does hurt more than a person can imagine.

God is preparing a better one for u just hang on HIM...