Afternoon Delight ;)

It's been a week since we met. It was so wonderful to kiss you and enjoy your company. I keep reliving that moment when you first sat across from me and the air around us was full of anticipation. We talked just enough to know what we wanted to do together... but we are still strangers in the true sense of the word.
I do hope it's the beginning of a special friendship, but if that was all I'll get, then I will savor the sweetness of our one time meeting.
Our knees brushed under the table and I lost my train of thought. I couldn't finish a sentence. I could only look at you and silently ask you to read my mind. Which you did so well when you lead me out of the restaurant quickly. Stopping first for a minute in the bathroom to kiss me. Your lips eager for mine. I held you close for a moment and yes! You are a man that will be able to satisfy me.
We raced to your car where we kissed again and I felt how hard you were for me. I wanted you then and there. Inside me. Possessing me. Filling the lonely ache that has been haunting me for so long... My panties grew wetter as I unzipped and unbuttoned. Damn these clothes!
You asked where my car was parked - nearby in a parking deck. But once there, we kept driving slowly up and around the deserted suburban parking deck. Empty but for us - an oasis of privacy. Well, a little privacy.
I sucked you off. Hungry for your ***. I want to know the taste of you. I like the prolonged tease of what is to come. We can both imagine easily our bodies pressed together, skin to skin, breathing together. Your **** sliding in and out of my hot *****, just as easily as you are ******* my mouth right now.
I am moaning with pleasure. I like the look of you, the smell, the taste of you. I want to eat you for lunch today! I just met you and now I am sucking your **** in a parking deck. Naughty. It makes me shiver in delight.
So we get a cheap motel room. I can't help making a few jokes about the romance of it all. But I really don't notice the surroundings. I am so into you and this naughty first date of ours... We could have ended up anywhere and nothing would kill my passion. I want you. I can think of nothing but how happy I am with your body entwined with mine. Your touch this afternoon was everything I needed. 
Thank you, my sweet Drew, if that is even your real name...
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Beautifully sums up my thoughts as well! - Drew- your special friend ;-)