It Makes Me Light Up

I absolutely love human contact. If someone touches me, its all I think about for weeks on end. Want to know something really pathetic? I used to keep a journal documenting every time someone was affectionate with me. That's how much I love having skin on my skin. About a week ago, i was wearing a dress at school that had straps, and no sleeves. My bio teacher asked me "where are your clothes?" I giggled nervously, and told her that they were on my body, and that my book bag was covering my shoulders. When I took off my backpack, obviously, my shoulders were exposed, and she came up behind me, and put her hands on my shoulders, and began rubbing, saying that it was against the school dress code. This sounds really creepy, but she was being affectionate, and joking with me, and it felt really good. Its an example of something that I could think about all day. I know some people can't stand being touched, and I understand them, as I used to be one of them. I realized that I hated it, because I needed it. Not everyone is trying to hurt you.
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13-15, F
May 16, 2012