The Uncomfortable Ticklish Touch Nobody Likes

My favorite kind of touch (okay, maybe aside from a sexual touch, because that's an entirely different type of pleasure haha)
is just being really gently caressed. Have you ever brushed your fingertips down your arm, so gentle that it almost feels ticklish? It gives you a chill.

That is my favorite way to be touched. I love feeling that everywhere, both sides of my arms, my neck, my back, my midriff, my legs. There is just nothing like it to me. I've asked past boyfriends if they liked it too, and they all said no "It feels too ticklish". I've asked friends about it too and they say it does nothing for them, or that it gives them an uncomfortable ticklish feeling. I think maybe because it doesn't feel ticklish to them, that's why I don't get to experience this type of touch too much. They can't really relate to it.

This is kind of a weird example, but I guess it's kind of like how people who enjoy getting pain for sexual pleasure have trouble getting their partners to smack them, pinch them, etc. Because they can't exactly relate.

I long for that type of touch, not the painful one. The uncomfortable ticklish one that no one likes <3
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

Ohhh me and friends do that all the time!!!! Its fun and i totally love it!! :))))

My wife does this to me all the time.<br />
<br />
I love when she does it. And yet I hate it.<br />
<br />

aww your so lucky! haha i do it to myself all the time but it just doesnt have the same effect xD

You can't tickle yourself! :-)