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Touch Me Right

I loved to be touched. I love to be caressed from head to toe. however, the touch has got to be right. there is nothing worse than a man trying rub me and mess around and hurt me by rubbing too hard. that totally kills the mood. when I am touched I luv to feel the entire hand of a man.....if a man can touch. me right on my body, be it my legs, my arms, my girls, my behind.....then his fingers could make it into the hot pot.....ooooooh sizzle.....
shallowdeep shallowdeep 36-40, F 8 Responses Jun 16, 2012

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AT 51 with LOTS OF EXPERIENCE I have a very good idea where and how women like to be touched : ) :O :D

A woman reacts & responds better only when she's fully should treat her as an equal & Not just an object of lust...he should cater to her whims and desires...a satisfied woman is a devil in bed!!

Many men fail to listen to a woman when touching, petting, embracing. Listening to their bodies and pampering them. From drawing a warm bath to completely bathing them & even grooming them. Listening to their partner to learn what they need & desire--

How do you tell your man that you want more foreplay?

what is his mentality? have u guys talked about it at all? can u guys talk about it without it bruising his ego? let me know that first. then I will maybe have helpful suggestion. different men have. their own way of dealing with a woman waning more of

We are pretty open and have talked about it multiple times. Even after talking about it he still wants to jump the gun and get to it before I'm ready. He doesn't like talking during sex and I don't want to hurt his feelings

Hey i can webcam with you and see you touch your self and something might happen

Baby, im young but i have been blessed with an angelic touch. I guarantee you will be satisfied when im done:)

Never had any problems with that hads are as magic.. Add me plz.

lol...who are u? your profile pic, nor did your user show up.

Who doesn't? Sometimes, when nobody touches me, I have to **********. When nobody touches you, please try ************.

I never said nobody touches me. I said I like to be touched right. I also don't have a problem with playing with myself. I have actually come to enjoy it.