I would loved to be tied up naked and blindfolded and have strangers touch me where and how they pleased
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eat your *****

I would tie you up and oh hole lot more((-:

Me to

such a sensual, sexy fantasy

Sine me up lol


that was a sine wave.......

Umm sounds good

Very sexy. I hope it happens for you.

I love MILFs

Love your fantasy too. When you think about it are you in a public place? like some woods?

I'm in a public place in a store front window on display and of course only adults would see me👀

nice - how about a bar, people standing around you?

A bar is too busy I want to be able to relax and hear what's going

We have the same fantasy. Will trade you thoughts if you are up to it.:)

What A Great Fantasy! I Think It Would Be Hot On Either Side Of The Blindfold...

Heightens the senses when u lose one.

Does that mean you have tried 14purple?

Not this case but it makes sense

U sound like a lot of fun would love to touch and lick u all over

Do what makes u happy damn what people think u live once enjoy it

That sounds very good
Can I be your stranger ?

Sure stranger just as long as you place nice :)

Nice and deep

Yes I would be tied up in a chair hands tied behind my back legs spread apart ... You could pull your pants down and go in between my legs and insert as deep as you want it!!!!

im 48 years of age nd very lonely, need a suitable partner younger or same age, cloudy weather makes more horney

It's cloudy here come and visit:)

Great fantasy! I would love to be one of those strangers.

Some of the comments are a bit over the top. It is a fantasy, it is for dreaming, for imagining. I've fantasised about loads of odd-ish stuff, some not that far away from this

What a thought ... ha haha .....

Would love to tease and touch you

wold love to be the stranger:)


Ok first things first what if the poke you in the eyes or start beating the living poo out of you then what

Well in my fantasy world that would not happen I'm trying to escape from this world where that does happen . It's like dreaming to win the lottery you think good thoughts on it not someone mugging you for the winning ticket :)

Wish i had the winning ticket to ur fantasy..!

You just might have won check your lotto numbers :)

That would probably feel so good...!

Go to craigslist, Ho, they like your kind.

Haha wow. Way to be blunt

no need for that, i like her just fine.

Thank you for your support I appreciate that ,people are so up tight these days they won't allow you to even dream :) I say if people don't like what your profile says don't click on right ???

i agree, i think people just feel entitled n must voice their opinion because they are against it.

Well you have a great day

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OK um that's different aaaa yeah

Would it be politicaly correct if I said you are sounding like a total ****? Why would you degrade you body so willingly to strangers no less? Trust me I've had that fanticy to but you keep that stuff in your mental closet sweety. I do not want anyone other than my bf or husband to touch me anywhere. Ever.

she sound like a women sharing a sexual fantasy with others who r old enough to understand. 13-15? go ask ur mommy to read u a book n go to bed

Oh sweety please stay ignorant :) I problably know way more than you ever will on the subject do to a shamful past habbit. And as for my age I'm fifteen so I'm well awar of how she craves and please don't talk down to me like I'm some lost child because I am problaby more mature than you are and you age 22-25 hmm sad :( also I was very polite with her on the matter so I shouldn't recive such a cold reply based off of a comment I made and he reason for that comment beingb this isn't a **** website and there are children who mindlessly roan this websight and could see this page. Also you may want to ask you mum about sex seeing as how you are problably either a sad virgin of a **** I would say the first as to you relevant maturaty level. So go on, run along home now :)

u r a lost child, and 15 dont mean anything, go look for someone talking about arts and crafts they drew in school.

Right nice response. I ll be shure to do that :)

You are a low sad person to get satisfaction from telling off a 15 yearold kid. Feel bigger now do ya? Ay I bet you do you bloody harlet.

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Awesome, hope you get to live your fantasy and it exceeds your expectations, I love touching a woman tenderly and lovingly with my fingertips and my lips, it makes me feel sooo alive !

I am different....I would just like to softly caress your hair....

That's so sweet

hmm, yeah. sounds lovely! LOL

I am new here and am looking for a friends stories can anyone help me

Can I touch you there?

Where is there?

Touch ur hair,ur cheek,ur chin,ur neck,ur breasts,ur nipples,ur naval, ur bellybutton.... and ur.....

Sure just no pulling or slapping :)


Hey again I'm tied up and blindfolded I'm up for grabs ( no pun intended)

I have a few places in mind hehe

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i would love that too

sounds like some fun.

Hey u wanna message

And I'd love to do that to you!

have you always wanted this?

No just recently ...I'm in a very unsatisfying sexless marriage so now that I have soooo much sexual energy and desire stored up inside my mind is going in freak mode .

did you never touch yourself when you were younger?

Of course it just feels better to be touched by others ...

how old were you when you 1st did?

Young I can't remember I always played Dr. And house with the boys in the neighborhood lol

add me and tell me more

Oooh freak mode... I like that! ♡♡♡

Yes I'm totally on !!! Freak mode with no off button lol

So now, is it just touching, or would anything go?

Anything goes touching , entering , rubbing .... My hands are tied what could I do :)

Hey you know, you have a valid point there sweetheart. :~]
Would love to be in your circle of friends! ♡♡♡

Can I touch you there?

Yes sucks big time.. Sucks the life right out me :(

But sorry to hear that you're in a sexless marriage, that sucks

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I'm joking by the way.

I like to play games we would all be a winner playing that one

That is a pretty nice idea