Laying on bed naked and alone is the worst moment for me. All I want is your touch, compassion and love..... Want me endlessly. Desire for me like every second of the day. And don't stop thinking how beautiful I am.
Yojj13 Yojj13
31-35, F
21 Responses Mar 17, 2014

Your photo is sooooo sexy yes I want you yes I will do anything you ask of me...

nice photo. artistic

Maybe you should put your foot down and try to dominate this thankless man. Teach him some respect and pay him back it could make you feel better. He might learn a lesson

I know how you hubby away working whats he doing? If he no with you?

Love to touch and lick u all over

Yep, best moment of the day.

Hi Yojj 13, I admire your idea and agree fully that touch , looking face to face and eye to eye is very enjoyable

I feel that way myself, thank you for sharing

i love to be touch in a patient way too

I wish we could. Like you, alone is the worse.

You sexy yoji you!

Same here message me

True in all aspects

A woman after my own heart you are great :)

A fingertip slowly tracing it's way across your skin-soft lips brushing yours-a warm body pressed against you and holding you tight. Heaven

doesn't most of us want the same thing great post

U are so touchable...

Share the beauty.

I understand and so you should have your desires fullfilled

Mmmm, one of my favorite moods...

Ahh... Let me cuddle with you naked and feel each other's skin touch.