I love to be touched in every way possible
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There are a lot of possible ways....

I love to feel hands roaming over my entire body

I can keep my hands very busy with u

The intimacy of touch is very powerful. We all need it.

I dont at all
I hate being touched ever

Meeeee too !

Of all the senses, touch is the most reassuring. When children are in stores if they see something they like they always pick it up. Tourists are so quick to touch things they see that signs have to be put up asking then not to. So touch anyway.

We relate to things through touch. We connect to things through touch.

Touch between two people is just as powerful and just as reassuring. Being touched tells us that someone else wants to connect to us in that way and is equally powerful.

Me too.

Me too, it's wonderful

Same here, by another woman is awesome

I'd like to caress your body, starting with your legs and ending with a sweet kiss on your forehead.


if you would like to message me, we can chat about that or anything else.

Why do people stop touching? Hand holding... Touching fingertips together. Weird how good that feels. Shoulder rubs too. Lots of special touches go such s long way. 😀


When couples skip that, it's a shame. Builds greater intimacy if you spend time actually touching, feeling.

sounds nice

Goosebumps! !!!:)))))

love it

Things get intense after that!!!lol