I like to touch and be touched. I also like being a little flirty and accidentally bump into a guy's arm with my chest. It's so cute the different reactions I get. everybody has their thing...mine is the accidentally on purpose touched you thing. ;-o
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Me to that sounds very sex to me

Woah. That's.. That's nice!!

It is great when you have a waitress that does that to you the whole time you are at the restaurant or the girl that cuts your hair. Just wonderful...well worth the extra tip!

Ill touch u all over

So manipulative!!!

Very nice I love women like you nothing like a little rub from a juicy tittie

Ever wonder why nobody ever comments on your temarks?


Ever wonder at what point your brain went bye bye

. . .

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human touch do wonders... I can melt someone, or make someone strong.... it can make u smile or get u tears.... it can molest you... or seduce you.... if someone knows the real science of touch, he doesn't need words....

Yes mine is the accidentally licked my lips thing hinting I want to kiss your kitty or eat you like food.

You are a fun and flirty girl.

I try! ;)

Mmmm I love that accidental pressing of a girl's chest against my arm, or her *** against my crotch. On crowded streetcars, it is hard not to keep my hard bulge from brushing up against some gorgeous taught female *****. Mmm some love it so much when you lightly move up and down grinding. Not a word is spoken, just that sexy eye contact and smirk when she gets off the streetcar... Oh yeah. 😎😎🍒

That's so incredibly disgusting. Whenever I go by bus ad it's crowded freaks like you act this way and people like me want to damn break their arms. You like to touch and be touched, but a lot of people hate it, so if you act this way to strangers you are a damn freak and pervert.

Hahaha priceless reaction and so true :)

You realize you're lecturing "DaVaginaWhisperer". Going by that name I don't think you'll have much impact!

I give massage to a few female friends of mine. I am nude while giving the massage. When their skin (arms, legs, hands) are exposed from the drape, sometimes I will allow parts of my body rub against their skin. No one has complained and a few let out a light moan. :)

One of my friends is coming over tonight for a massage. :)

I had a co-worker do this to me in a bar. She kept pushing her chest into my back trying to get me to bite. I knew it was a set up and ignored her. Eventually she got the idea and stood next to me instead of behind me.

Okay elevator looks good, but don't put too much force or we both down in ground floor .. Lol...

What fun! This will keep things lively and keep them wondering....did she do that on purpose????
Thank you for sharing this. Made me smile

:-) Exactly. Just a game... Elevators are the best when there are lots of people. ;)

You can bump into me any day

Well it's no fun if you know I'm going to do it!

Surprise me

ohh I am sorry, I touch you accidentally! what was that soft things?

are you ticklish?

a little!

Mmmm during full body massage is even more ;-o

Ha! You boys and your massage fantasies.

Well at least we still have them and done them