I'm A Baby Girl

When I was 14 mum ******** me of my clothing in the living room and made me crawl naked to my former bedroom now my baby nursery. When I crawled into my room I nearly died when I saw the walls painted in a soft pink tone and nursery prints adorning the walls. In the middle of the nursery is large cribs and she informed me that I was now going to be treated as her little baby aged around nine months to a year and from now on I would be sleeping in my crib.

Off in one corner is a large changing table, with a large nappy pail with Baby Marty printed in large letters on the pail. There is a rocking chair for baby to be feed a large straight back chair where baby will be spanked over momm's knee when I'm naughty. Over the crib hangs a mobile which plays nursery rhymes. She put me on the changing table slipped three thick heavy cloth nappies under her bottom and then proceed to cream and powder my bottom, between my legs and all over my tummy. Then she pulled the diapers tightly up between my legs and pinned them in place with four large pink nappy pins. Then she put a pare of transparent pink rubber panties over her diapers followed by a pare of frilly ruffled pink plastic baby pants on over the rubber panties.

Next came a light pink dress with short ruffled sleeves and embroidered flowers across the bodice. The dress had a large ribbon across the waist which she tied into a large bow in the back. she then buttoned up the back of my dress and added a matching baby bonnet, white ankle socks with pink bows and a pare of pink Mary Jane T-bar shoes. She then had me sit on the floor and she laught telling me what pretty baby I was. She then informed me that I would be dressed this way around family, neighbors, friends, and when at Church. They would always be in thick nappies and would use them to pee and poop in as bathroom was now out of bounds to her baby.

She told me I would be fed in my high chairs, all my food would be ground up in the blender as baby cannot chew. I would be bottle fed warm milk, prune juice and water. She would change me when I messed or wet my nappy. As I now was baby I had no modesty and would be changed in front of boys as well as girls. I would crawl at all times unless I was holding someone's hand while walking. She then had me get up and holding my hand brought me to the full length mirror in the nursery and when I saw muself in my complete baby outfit I bawled me head off so she put a pink ribbon around my head and popped my baby pacifier or pacies as she now call them and told me to suck on it. My dress was only hemmed to the top of my matching baby plastic panties and she told me baby do not mind showing off their pretty baby matching plastic panties.

Now others would tease me as I had teased many other girls who are treated as babies. Also for dinking, smoking and havinf sex/ She then had me crawl to the kitchen for an early dinner. She smiled as she watch my thick nappied bottom with my plastic panties on full display with little pink roses across stretched across my pink baby panties. When I reached the kitchen She strapped me into my high chairs and Tess her friend brought in a large bowl of ground turkey, beans, cabbage, and rice all mixed together in a blender with gravy. Tess also brought in two large baby bottles one of warm milk the other warm prune juice. For dessert their was a large bowl of stewed pruned and apple for me all laced heavily with laxatives and diuretics to make sure I would pee and poop a lot.
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I wish I had a mummy like that!
Even if it was not your choice, babies don't have choices. Mummy decides all.

what a great new life you have, enjoy

You must be the happiest baby a live,nice mum and friendly neighbours what else do you need.