My Neighbor Watches Me

I have such fun teasing the upstairs neighbor. He's an old retired guy. kind of quiet and nerdy with graying red hair and thick glasses.  He is married and his wife still works I think.  They have a little dog he's always out walking. He's always staring at my large chest whenever we talk.  I started watching for him to walk the dog. I would put on a tight low cut shirt that would cling to my hard nipples and walk outside and cross his path so I could watch his tongue hang out looking at my ****.

He lives in the unit above me and has a little deck that overlooks my yard. One day I was laying out in my bathing suit in a lounge chair.  I heard him come out on his deck and light a cigarette.  I kept my eyes closed but started rubbing my breasts and the crotch area of my bathing suit. I would stick my finger in and pull it out and lick it off. I was really getting off knowing he was watching me. I'm sure he had a large erection. Sure would have loved to watch him beat it off.




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do you like to cam?

Me too i luv t have him watch me , i ended up going to do some vacumeing for him and his wife, one afternnoon, his wife wasnt home so i ended up doing more than alittle vacumeing heyzzzzzzzzzzzzzummmmm

Wish I lived near you

I'm having this fantasy that I'm the guy on the balcony above ... it's like the balcony on my last apartment, with wooden boards with spaces in bewtween ... I'm watching you playing with yourself ... I have a real hard **** and I'm stroking myself as I watch you, pacing myself so as not to *** too soon ... I watch your excitement rise and as you writhe in ****** I let myself ***, allowing my *** to fall between the boards to drip onto your body!

if i was your neighbor, being a disable guy would you remove your top so i could enjoy your breast??

why thank you<br />
I actually saw him again yesterday walking the dog again. I was taking the rash out and he was on his cell phone. He waved at me and I entusicastically waved back. I went into the trash area which is encllosed and while I was there I pulled my **** out of my bra and unsnapped the front of my shirt so it was show deeeeep cleavage and hard nipples showiing through the material. When I walked back out I made eye contact and gave a big smile. He was still on the phone but don't see how he could have missed seeing

I had no idea you knew I was there. Thanks for the show.

I had no idea you knew I was there. Thanks for the show.

This post just made me smile Christina, both for what it is and what it reminded me of. When I was about 15 yrs old, i had every schoolboy's fantasy living in the townhouse directly behind ours and she LOVED to sunbathe on the lawn between our two houses - she was probably about 30 years old, shoulder length blond hair and a beautiful body. The first time i saw her out there in a bright orange bikini, rubbing lotion on her body, i about lost it. She was single handedly responsible for so many hard ons and ************ sessions , it's unbelievable. Sometimes i would go outside to do something in the back lawn when she was out there, she would always smile and say hello but i was too young and too shy to play out any of the dirty thoughts i had in my mind right then and there. <br />
<br />
I often wonder if she knew how hot she made me when i would watch her out there and what that made her feel like....

Mmmm i would like to see you toppless to.

Wow...that is hot...i am a cyber virgin


Christina... as a 70 yr-old man in excellent physical shape who looks much younger than my chronological age, I would love to have been your neighbor appreciating your physical "assets". If you would ever like to experiment with some cam-to-cam mutual exhibitionism, I'd love to watch you and be watched as I show you the effect you will no doubt cause to arise. If interested, just reply and I'll respond in kind to make the arrangement. Your story is naughty and oh so hot!

Is this the neighbor who could watch you pee in your backyard?

I love it! Probably makes his day..

You are such a teasing good sport!

Love a woman who likes to show off her hot body :-)

I would enjoy watching you!

That sounds like such good fun. Good for you!

I´m awaiting the result with interest. Just tease him. He will love it.

wish I had a camera to show you. I'm going to go out on my deck again later and see if he's up there. Maybe I will take my top off this time....

Yes! that's the attitude, I think all women should be like you, thanks, I would love to see some pictures of you in that bathing suit so I can show you my hard on.

It is so nice of you to perform a little for the guy. Sounds as you like it too.<br />
Why dot you take off your top so he can see your breasts fully exposed. That would make him come to heven.