Teasing My Neighbor Again

I am in my room putting away laundry and the curtains are pulled to the side a little to let the sunlight in.

I sat on the bed while I was talking on the phone and noticed the creepy neighbor I like to tease.

He has red hair ( and I always wonder if he has a red *****) so I'll call him Red.  Red was walking

his dog and had stopped on the sidewalk across from my window.  There is a small grassy area

separating my window from the sidewalk and I could see his legs and the dog but his face was

blocked by some leaves so I couldn't see it unless I was super obvious.  I could see he kept standing

in the same spot so as I yacked on the phone I lifted my shirt and popped a beast out of my bra. 

I caressed it with my hand and started twisting my nipple between my fingers.  Red's legs didn't move

so I was pretty sure he was watching me.  It made me so wet, a puddle in my pants.  Then I  got up from

the bed and walked over to a chair. turned my back to him, pulled my panties down and bent over. 

If he was still watching he got a nice view.  I got interrupted then and had to pull up my pants and he eventually

moved on.  I wonder how long he would have stood there.if I would have started touching myself in the wet places.....

I wonder if he's at home ******* off now.

NaughtyChristina NaughtyChristina
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14 Responses Mar 7, 2010

I would have stayed there for as long as you were showing off your body. I would've gone into the bushes and got my hard **** out and had a **** while watching until I ***.
Getting turned on just thinking about it.

Probably lol

I would have loved to have walked by then....or been anywhere to watch you tease...

so naughty...love it

Wow that's so hot! ;)

Love your story... your playfulness is inspiring

I suspect he had his hands in his pockets and was ************ while he was watching. This s a really hot story.

im a little late joining to this thread but I had to add that im ready to *** after reading how she loves to be watched and also loves to watch!

That story was very hot I love to watch people play with them self or watch them screw .do you have a webcam I would love to ********** with you sometime .Or if you would like you can watch me on my webcam and I will ********** just for you honey and watch me blow a load just for you look me up if you would like to do this .OH and I am a older man !

mmm very hot story christina, especially when you bent over pantyless. I'm stroking myself and ******* nowwwwwwwwwww ;)


I wish there were more ladies like you!

oh yeah, I love to watch too. I haven't had many opportunities to do that but when I have I can only watch for so long before I have to touch something. Me or the other person. One of my favorite times watching is when I met up with a dude I met on CL, an older guy of course because I prefer them older I wrote about it in one of my stories. In any case, I told him that when I met him in a shopping center parking lot, that I wanted him to have his pants down and stroking it. then I got out of my car and looked in his truck and watched him.

That gotta be the happiest neighbor in town!! If I was him, I would stand and stare at you untill finally somebody call the police and take me away charged on public misbehave LOL...

Hey Nudy<br />
Cool, I love it if I can inspire someone to **********<br />
It made me horny again thinking about it.