My First Wife

I was 16 years old living next door to a 25 year old married fox! I had been ask to come over several times for coffee each time i went over she would casually flirt with me and tease me, as soon as hubby stepped out of the room, I always thought she was just try to embarrass me when i got a woody her eyes would lite up with her accompaniments!

It was a Saturday nite i got a call from next door she had a water leak and need help, her husband was away for the weekend and didn't know what to do, So as quick as i could i slipped next door, Rang the door bell and was met with a half naked married fox! I had every emotion going throw me as i look at her perfect body. From the perfect breast nearly popping out of a nicely filled black see throw bra. As my eyes started downward over a flat tummy to the see tho panties. barely hiding her blond tuft of hair peeking out the sides. I was speechless as she took my hand and lead me to her bedroom saying it's okay he is not home and besides he said it's all right it's what he wants. As long as we agree i can have the men i want as long as we talk about it! and we have talked about you for months now. The only word i could muster was a very weak okay! as she push me backward onto the bed. And slowly crawled up me she asked if i was still a virgin? and yes another weak word came from my lips yes! Oh my this is my lucky nite a double virgin a first with a wife and a first timer. She took her time exploring my young body as new sweet treat, Slowly removing my clothes kissing and licking everywhere. As she slid her mouth down my youth she looked up at me and said we need to release the pressure here, so we can have some real fun later! In seconds her experience mouth had me ******* with my first ******. She gave me some time to glow within my first time ******. she whispered in my ear can i show you how to treat a wife properly!

with a confident yes from that day on and several meeting with many teaching lessons with her husband watching from time to time i was hooked on sleeping with married women!

Loving it!
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yes it was perfect!