At Random Times

I tend to bird watch at random times, usually when I'm in class and I'll look out of the window and see a pretty bird. I'm not a professional so I have no idea what the names of these birds are but nevertheless they are absolutely fascinating. Sometimes I'll actually get absorbed into what the birds are doing, for example, one time I saw a bird with a twig and I just got so involved into what the bird was going to do with it that I totally tuned out to what the instructor was saying for a couple of minutes.
TheWaysOfShelly TheWaysOfShelly
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1 Response Nov 17, 2010

You Birdbrain! :)<br />
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That's not the time to birdwatch but you are so right ....<br />
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I saw this on your "I have grandkids" story ....birds are indeed fascinating. I always thought birdwatchers were a strange lot.....then I bought a $12.00 pair of binoculars from and a cheap bird book....watching them from my deck every morning while enjoying a cup of coffee and trying to read, helped me recover from a serious illness.