When A Kiss Just Won't Do

I love it when he takes my bottom lip between his teeth after kissing my deeply.

I love to bite him back, too. I nibble continuously, and as I get more aroused the nibbles turn to bites. I try to bite him in secret spots where his wife doesn't care to look, knowing he'll still obsess about hiding it. My favorite spots are his inner thigh and his ***. He has such a delicous ***.

Biting just seems so much more intense than a kiss. I am always looking for new ways to let him know he rocks my world :-)
Ann242 Ann242
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2012


For my wife, it's biting into my shoulder as she breaths hard through her clenched teeth until she falls back to the bed. Hurts like hell but watching her go through the spasms is worth the pain.