My Sons Know How to Pick a Lady

Hello! There is a 1.000.002 things that I could be bragging about my
2 sons but today I will brag about the fact that they both picked a good
woman to be with and they know how to keep then. My oldest son
(27) has been with the same gal for 5 years and they will be getting married this
August. My youngest son (24) has been with the same gal for almost 7 years
there is no plans of marriage with them but there buying a home gym so they
can work out together. Cheers!

Nanoose Nanoose 51-55, M 3 Responses Jan 23, 2008

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The bands name is “Johnny Still Can’t Read and the Fabrications”. I originally made it for an educational Website called Johnny Still Can’t Read and the Fabrications – which was also my little stab at Canada’s 35 years of cuts to public education. I don’t work on it any more but here is the link. Cheers!

Probably my favorite things are the decorations and cards they made me for Christmas’s some of the things date back over 20 years but they all get hung up in a special place ever year. Thought I would throw in a photo of my mechanical Christmas band. Cheers!


they sound wonderful