Phat Boy and Rat Boy:

When my 2 son's were teens they
were lovingly and respectively know as Phat boy and Rat boy by the other teens in the Community.
Our oldest  son was know as Phat boy because he had been doing odd jobs
and paper routes since he was 8 years old so he had a lot of bling.
Our youngest son was know as Rat boy because he had his mother's teeth.
When Phat boy was 10 he befriended  a girl who was "labelled" as a "Skid kid" because her mother was low income and rumoured to be a "Crack wh*re".
Eventually Phat boy, Rat boy and "Skid kid" formed a big brother little sister
relation ship and when some of the
teen boys in the community stated thinking "like mom like daughter"
Phat boy and Rat boy started making it clear that their freind deserved respect
and if anybody got her messing around with crack or meth  there was going to be a problem.
3 Cheers to Phat boy and Rat boy!

Nanoose Nanoose
61-65, M
Apr 11, 2008