The Smell of Home

I have a whole large drawer dedicated to incense.  There are small, skinny boxes of various incense.  There are long, plastic packs of incense.  They fill the drawer up deeply full of diverse smells.  Each one of them provides a smell for my home.  Some are musky, some are light, some are perfumey, some are earthy, some are just downright weird, and some are classics (champa, lavender, etc).  A lot of them were bought from long out-of-state trips, gas stations, flea markets, and the odd hippie store we pass on the way to somewhere.

I love to light them, to watch them catch flames, then just smolder down to the stick.  Then I like to quickly replace the burnt out stick with a fresh incense as soon as possible and burn it.  I like to burn four to five incense at once, in various spots of my house.  Both my boyfriends, plus my girlfriend, are notorious for that, as well.  Sometimes we neglect to clean up the dust and the sticks.  It piles up so much that you'd know just how often we lit incense upon looking.

Happyface Happyface
18-21, F
Mar 9, 2009