I Had My Own On-line Accounts To Buy Pantyhose (tights)

A few years ago before I had children I used to coss dress almost every moment that I could and part of the excitement was choosing and buying my pantyhose either from shops 9which was very scarey) but also online. The trouble with the on line shopping was that i spent so much more money that I ever would in a shop. I loved to go to a big department store, wearing lovely tights under my jeans and find the hosiery section. I would then wonder around scared of being seen but also loving being there. I would pretend to myself that I was fully dressed and accepted as a girl and that helped calm me and let me enjoy the experience. I loved choosing differnt makes and clours and patterns and after I had purchased them would feel elated as I made my way home. On the way I keep looking at them sitting in their lovely sexy packets in my bags until I got home and was able to try them on.

The on-line shopping though became addictive and I ended up with stacks of brand new tights and stockings still in packets in my drawers - it looked like a shop and that was a turn on in itself. I would sometimes take them all out and display them on the floor or bed and just enjoy them.

To try and get a bigger thrill I used to correspond both by email and on the phone with the on-line shops and although mostly it was women I occasionally had to have chats with a man and that i found embarressing.

One thing I alsolutely love is walking in tights whilst it is raining..to feel the cold or cool rain wet the nylon against my legs is fantastic. I ended up bathing and showering in tights at one stage!
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1 Response May 16, 2012

I know exactly what you mean - when I can I drive into the countryside late at night and play in the dew covered grass just in pantyhose