I Love The Way I Feel In A Canoe

Being in a canoe empowers me.  I feel in control, serene, confident.  In my younger days I was in a canoe whenever the opportunity arose!  I wasn't always  as cautious as I should be in a canoe!  I have toppled my share!

Now I shudder when I think of the most foolhardy thing I ever did in a canoe!  It was a beautiful Indian summer day in late October in the Sault Ste. Marie area.  A friend of mine  had a canoe and our husbands were working out of town, so we decided to take the canoe out one last time.  We had a wonderful day, had a picnic lunch along the riverbank and were home before sunset!  What was so wrong?  Two very important things.  Number one - we didn't tell anyone else that we were canoeing, so nobody would have even known where to look if we had had an accident!  More importantly ... Number two - I had my five week old baby strapped to my front!  Thank God her memory doesn't stretch back that far!  She loved it!  Gooed and smiled all day long!  If you think making love in a canoe is a feat ... try changing a baby.  God does indeed protect fools and idiots!
ItsWindy ItsWindy
56-60, F
Sep 9, 2011