Crazy Right?

When we lived in Alabama, my usband and i would get so excited when tornado season came around. I know that sound silly but i have never ssen one before and i have ssen the damage just one can make.  the saddness of the destruction is overwelming, but the adreniline rush you get when the sirens go off is incredible.

For the first month of my stay in the south I thought it was scary , at night mostly the siren would go off and i would panic.  I stayed up to watch the news and listen for the train sound the winds make to determine if we were safe or not.  I came to find out that where we were , the neighborhood, we were in , had never bit hit by one, the possibility of one hitting where we were was slim.  So i eventually didnt get excited anymore.  Then we moved to a different area, and yes they had seen tornado touchdowns there.  I felt sure i would finally see one in person, we started chasing them then.  When the news would come on about where they were we would jump in the car and go towards it. Usually by the time we would get there it had already done it's damage, and we would turn around and go after it again.  This happened so much that i still have not seen a tornado in person.   I do know that we were under one , one night we were comming home form the movies and it started raining really hard, then hail , then the wind was so intense, we were on the interstate and ther was no one else driving, all the sudden the car started shaking hard and we couldnt see in front of us, i believe that the twister was above us, not ready to touch down at that point.  We pulled off the side of the road , waited a while and it stopped.  When we started having more kids and no time to be alone our advantures of chasing twisters ceased.  We would not put our  kids in danger, but i still think about it alot.  I just want to see one then i will be satisfied, but now we live in the North and we dont have the oppertunityto do that anymore but i WILL one day see the beautiful beast in the sky(tornado), and then i will be

luvbugg77 luvbugg77
26-30, F
Apr 13, 2007