If anybody wants to chat we can in the comments box. Also feel free to creadte other "Chat Rooms" (Basicly add a story but  then title it _____ Chat Room)

thanks! this is the first chat room!

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i love to but new to computing and old school too , but i am trying.... i been wearing diapers for 20 years now i am 50 , i would like to find girlfriend that wears diapers or just wets her pants and i will put her in a diaper and she can put me in a diaper , maybe that is wear my fetish starts , i am wet right now i wish i had a girlfriend to change me.

hey willing to chat.... if anyone still reads this

No one has heard from you in a while here. Is everything OK? Contact me on my whiteboard or message me if you would like, I'm always willing to talk.

hi how are you

Hmm. This is a lot of chatting.

lets chat on my yahoo im