Has to Be Usher

Because I am on a roll to hopefully turn my life around I feel my housework is going to play a very big part while I am on the road to recovery.  I start in any room I feel I can manage and put my Usher CD on and I dont stop cleaning till the music has stopped. When I stand back I cant believe how much I have done which makes me want to start another room.  Depending on what I am feeling means I listening to the tunes to go with my mood,  when I am feeling down about my man, I will play my tunes that remind me of the good or bad times that we are going through at the time.  If I want to do a days worth of ironing, I will play my daughters Garage tunes and that just feels right for that task. 
rosygal rosygal
46-50, F
Jul 27, 2007