Maybe It Has To Do With Being Told Not To

i havent climbed trees in a while i think from growing up and just following the crowed doing what you told-doing what most people do-staying inside the box-letting other peoples influece stop you doing things you want like you maybe really happy and want to skip arround in a cirlce or do a little dance but you may hold off on doing this becuase what people seeing you might think or something like that but i would like to break free some this more often im making it a goal of mine to climb a tree-take that all you nay sayers lol           but more about climbing trees it is fun but can suck

if you get a bunch on sap on you then all day you smell what i call "piney fresh" 

or if you get scratch relly bad thats no fun

or this i have had happen many times looking up while climb and debris being know down from your hand getting into you eyes


ilikethebeatles ilikethebeatles
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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I like to climb trees, I read up there and no one can bother me

Oh the falling bark- I hate that too.