Because They Pop!

Yes, I like to collect quotes - good quotes that seem to make sense in your mind and fit snug like a press-stud button, holding the seams of a subject together. I collect them for their quaintness and know that feeling you get when you just know you've heard or read a good one. You may probably remember and wanna tell someone the next time you're out to lunch, or on the telephone... For a giggle to share, for a pearl to give,..a good quote is worthwhile remembering. Unfortunately my memory gets pale and faded sometimes, so I just must write them down :)
DelaneyB DelaneyB
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2010

So you like quote emm.. Something like.. A person with one eye can see more than a person with two.Or Singapore style.. I use my butt to think i also know the answer.. hehehe.. cheers.

Thankyou monkfish, for your kind comments. :)

You write very eloquently, and have managed to capture very well how many of us react to a good quote. Especially the need to share it with someone else for the reasons you have given.