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Grandma's Quotes

My grandmother was a wise and kind soul that I didn't know collected quotes until I found the many pages of them after she passed. I typed them all up beginning my own collection and appreciation of quotes. Here are a few of them.

Prejudice is a lazy man’s substitute for thinking.

A little spark of encouragement can ignite great endeavors.

A person all wrapped up in himself makes a pretty small package.

Your life either sheds light or casts a shadow!

Children need models more than they need critics.

When growth stops, decay begins.

People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do!

Never fear criticism when you’re right – never ignore it when you are wrong.

Trouble is usually produced by those who produce nothing else.

Empty is the life that is filled with nothing but things.

It takes only a moment to be kind – but the result can last a lifetime.

The best of men are capable of the worst deeds.

If you cannot do great things, you can at least do small things in a great way.

Pain makes us think, thinking makes us wise, wisdom makes life profitable.

Bluebyu Bluebyu 46-50, F 3 Responses Jan 2, 2011

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I loved this. I need to start up a quote collection again!

Thank you!

thanks for sharing these lustrous pearls.<br />
I collect quotes too and you have posted quite a few that I haven't heard before, but a few I really like! <br />
I have written them in my own little book very quickly - and gratefully.<br />
(my children will have this book one day)<br />
Thankyou bluebyu :)