Take A Swim In Lake You

I just watched a clip from last night's Celebrity Apprentice. Gary Busey was adamantly denying to his team mate Mark McGrath things he had already been shown on screen saying and doing. He said he felt like he was being targeted by the whole team for no reason. Mark was trying to explain to Gary why he was so difficult to work with.

Now, if anyone has watched the show it is quite apparent why his team mates have a problem with him. He is almost totally impossible to keep focused on task and to work with. He is impossible to reason with. He interrupts other when they try to speak. He denies everything or acts as if he hasn't a clue what they are saying about him. He says and does inappropriate things that make his team mates and the executives from companies feel very uncomfortable. During the tasks his behavior is erratic and self-serving, he always blames someone else, and he is definitely not an asset to the team. Once he even admitted that he knew exactly what he was doing and got a kick out of keeping people off balance.

Gary finally said he didn't know why Mark and the rest of his team mates had such a thing against him.

At this point Mark McGrath said something that made me chuckle, yet was insightful and actually quite profound! He said to Gary, "Look inward, Gary. Take a big swim in Lake You and see what you find".

I think we all have at least one Gary Busey in our lives. At least one person who accuses, denies, blames and refuses to look inward to see if maybe they actually play some part in the drama that surrounds them. At least one person that we've tried to reason with about their part in their life's problems who won't even try to listen to us. Maybe they even know on some level exactly what they are doing and like to keep us off balance!

When one of my Gary Buseys tries it on me again, I'm going to remember Mark McGrath's quote. I'm going to say, at least to myself, if not out loud,--"look inward. Take a swim in Lake You and see what you find"! Maybe it will help me smile instead of seethe!

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Yes, Vetrov, he really did deserve the Oscar for that role. I loved that movie. But, man, was he ever a piece of work on The Apprentice!

You're right, DragonBlueToo. I do wonder if he was as bad before the accident.<br />
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It's always a little sad to watch someone who uses these tactics, CherryMay. It feels like they must have a lot of inner pain. I hope it works!

When I was reading this story, Gary's behaviour reminded me of one of my students. He's very intelligent, and I feel that deep insight he's also very sensitive, but he's always wearing this artificial mask. Always trying to annoy others, to question and challenge them, (not in a positive way). To keep people off balance, like you said. Next time he tries to offend someone, I'll quote Mark to him, I hope he understands. Thanks for posting!

Hi sands78! I thought about making a little card with the quote to hang on my wall too! I did actually copy it to my book of favorite sayings.And Mark is now one of my motivational gurus!

I dvr the Apprentice and just watched it Wednesday, April 13. I absolutely loved Mark's Lake You comment. So much that I had to Google it this morning; this is how I found your commentary. I certainly do know several this would apply to. Thanks! I believe I may need this on my office wall! LOL

I agree, Volt9. Mark also mentioned it being a spiritual thing, inferring to reflect and learn. The quote just struck me as spot on.

As much as I do find Gary entertaining to watch, I would not want to work with him, and was mildly upset that Mark was too proud to pass the buck and had to go home. However, Mark's comment was absolutely bang-on. What most impressed me about it, was how logical and spontaneous it was. Not to mention, accurate and completely non-offensive. Mark has tact and class. And top of that, it made me laugh intensely. Probably the best quote I have EVER heard come from a reality show. One that I will go out of my way to try and remember. :)

supper for ur storie

So true, TG.But most of the ones who get thrown in probably surface and say "Look what you did to me!". I'm not sure the sink or swim technique works very well for self-reflection.

I like that...i like that a lot :) And you are so right, if we are very honest we all need to go for that swim from time to time . Some realize that and go willingly, and some pretty much get thrown into it ;)

Thanks Nanomamma!

I LIKE that and your insight about using it on other "gary's"...I know a couple around here that quote is perfect for...Thanks. :)

I don't usually watch it but I tuned in this year because Meatloaf is on it and Marlee Matlin and Dionne Warwick. But Gary is really something!

I'm seriously afraid he's going to come up and say "I've been all over this place and there is absolutely nothing in here!"<br />
His castmates already know that from what you've related here. I have no idea what this show is, but you described their frustration so well I was getting pissed at him, haha.

Great comment, Q! Now I'm picturing poor Gary down in that lake in his scuba gear...making that scuba noise Lloyd Bridges made in the TV show Sea Hunt....haha

I like it because it goes way beyond, "you need to sit and reflect." It is more along the lines of--DUDE!<br />
You need to get dirty! (or in this case wet) And you can't just dip your toes in--you need to dive on in there head first and see what you come up with. <br />
Also--you may not feel so great when you surface, but in time you will be glad you explored that place, because knowing what's in there is the key to happiness. Lake Tranquility if you will. <br />
I like it. <br />
Sounds like Gary will need scuba gear, --dark, murky, and uncharted I'm guessing. haha

Thanks for googling it, TakaTara! I meant to do that to see if it was a known quote that I had just never heard, but got busy with other things and forgot. I thought it was pretty great too!

I actually googled "take a swim in lake you" to see if that was a common phrase and your blog post was the only relevant hit. I have a new found respect for Mark McGrath. That's the greatest burn I've heard in a long time.

Destry, like I said...I think we all do if we're honest!

Hi MorningBreeze, and thanks! I don't run into you nearly often enough here anymore!

hmmm this was a wonderful read. Thanks.... you ... this story...yup, insightful and you do rock. I hope all is well on your side of the pond. Take care

Here's a towel, dear Venus. Hop on out!!!!

Oh Mystic, it occurred to me when I first heard it that sometimes I need to take a big swim in that lake too! If we're being honest, it applies to all of us!

Venus, I've been chuckling all day every time I think of it. I don't know why it strikes me as so funny, but the whole thing is helping me look at my personal Gary Busey with somewhat less aggravation!


Thanks, Mother!

Carlos Castaneda talks about our petty tyrants and how they are our teachers too, Frito. That's what I think of every time I see Gary in action on this show.<br />
<br />
Thanks, Tas. I thought so too. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "Go jump in a lake"!!


I've watched the show before Datura but missed this one...love the quote, appropriate for both Gary and as you say, "...one of my Gary Busseys..." Thanks for the smile. :)