Getting Out Of A Rut

Change your routine and you can change your life.

My reflection:  Many times we find ourselves in a rut.  We get in a rut because we haven't changed our routine.  We are all creatures of habit.  We like things to be stable and stay the same.  A little bit of spice added in is good but, we want to know that the basic elements of our life will not change.  I'm not talking about a routine like I want to know that if I put my keys on a hook by the door, that they will be there when I get ready to leave again.

I wanted to lose weight.  I had a goal, planned it out and started making the necessary steps to achieve my goal (eating less but more nutritious foods, exercising more, etc.).  In order to achieve my goal, I had to change my routine.  I did.  Though there were days when it wasn't easy (especially when the alarm clock would go off at 4:30 a.m. and it was raining outside [no power walk today].  In the winter the bedcovers just felt so good.)  But, I knew that I wanted to reach my goal so I had to get up, go to the gym and do my exercise routine.  I started losing weight and I was happy with my progress.

Several months later, it seemed that all of a sudden, I stopped.  I didn't stop exercising.  I stopped losing weight.  I was wondering, "What was up?"  I did all the things that I was supposed to do to lose weight.  Why aren't I losing weight? I started to get mad.  I'm not done losing weight.  I want it off. Now!

My body informed me that it had gotten used to the routine of exercise.  It had adapted itself to doing the weight machines and the exercise bike.  So, my body was going through the motions of what I was telling it to do but it wasn't being challenged.  It was in a routine that it was accustomed to.  My body fell into a rut.  So even though I wasn't gaining any weight, I wasn't losing any either.  I had not hit my goal so I was not happy with my body's decision to maintain the status quo.

I had to change my routine.  I took a couple of aerobics classes.  I started swimming more and did my power walks in the evening instead of the morning.  I also started to look at some new recipes to add variety to my already healthy diet.

Once I made those changes, my body got out of its rut. I'm happy now, because I'm back on track to losing the weight I want to lose to reach my optimum health.

To jumpstart my weight loss, I needed to make a change to my routine.

Ask yourself, what changes do you need to make to help you rejuvenate your life?

They don't have to be huge changes.  Getting up an hour early might be hard, but if it helps you have some peace and quiet to complete things before the rest of the house wakes up, then it is worth it.  Going to be a half-hour early, might give you the extra sleep time your body needs to be more efficient for the next day.  Instead of having your regular Friday lunch with buddies meal be a bacon double cheeseburger, perhaps a bacon single cheeseburger or just a cheeseburger without bacon will help you if your goal is to curb some high fat foods. 

Little steps add up to big steps.  When you succeed at the little steps they help propel you to make big steps.  All of those steps lead you to your ultimate goal.  Change your routine.  Commit yourself to your goals.  You are worth the investment.
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1 Response Jul 15, 2011

You are right, little steps do add up to big steps. The body does get used to certain movements and becomes "conditioned" and does not want to do as you say or want. So changing your routine, doing different exercises was the right thing to do. You will also need to remember that whilst you are losing body fat you are also toning. This too has an effect on weight loss as muscle does weigh more than body fat.<br />
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I have been through all you have mentioned. I found that breaking the weight loss down into 7lb targets made it more realistic and achievable for me, rather than focusing on the ultimate goal which in itself can feel like you are climbing the highest mountain. Say you had 70lbs to lose, keep chipping away at those 7lb targets, then you will be counting down, only another 9 targets to go then it's only another 8 targets to go....<br />
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Give yourself a little treat each time you reach your small targets, a new bag or something. All these things help you to feel good and when you feel good it helps you to keep on track.<br />
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Keep up the good work :)

Well said, Ebony.