Just watch what happens when you look into the soul of a person that has  "no soul". to be honest that in itself hurts to know and to do. why wants to look into the mind of someone who is that evil. is beyond me but I needed to know to see what made him tick. and I found it. greed, lust, envy, glory... all that bad stuff drove him into that type of existence. why though? because lift itself told him to go that way by hurting him years ago causing him to leave that with his only answer making this the result giving him the illusion of freedom and happiness. nothing depresses me more than seeing anything slightly like that in people and 95% of the people that have ever existed feel that way. but it will change soon. the red horse has emerged and he is corrupted at the moment but the green one is on her way and the gray one is already here. all the pieces are in order it's just a matter of time and energy. at the moment as the horseman sit they can stop what they are doing right now and they have already completed their goal. but though they can't find the white horse. and that is the true question. who is the white horse? I have no idea nor do I honestly care about it. here is a prediction.

Greece goes bankrupt. 
taking down France and Germany
taking down Europe
the euro is dissolved

Europe owns the Chinese debt
china goes down
each province becomes their own country
the yen is dissolved

chine owns the us debt
us goes down
each state becomes their own country
the us dollar is dissolved

now picture that world. when those countries have no federal government what happens next?
what happens when a country wants something from another country and they argue?
now multiply that by 500

where does that leave the world.

what is 2012

the white horse will come then.
but the others are already here.
the lucky ones go first.

It is the new age for Demigods
XCalypsoX XCalypsoX
3 Responses Oct 3, 2011

I disagree that anyone is ever without a soul or evil. I would love to know what grounds you.

nothing bud

no government no laws no books or people. im not grounded.

I was thinking more about values and beliefs.

I don't think China would go down, they're well organized and technologically advanced.

no their not

Omg idk how I found your page, but this **** is legit. U havnt met the green one yet. I didn't know that there was a gray one. can you tell me who it is?