My Slutty Sister.

Okay So Im 13 And I Have 3 Oldest Sister And One Brother. I Often Have Problems With My Second Oldest Sister Kary, She Makes Me Hate Her. She Is 25 She Has A 7 Year Old Daughter And Well Kary Leaves Her Daughter Almost Every ******* Night Just To Go Party With Friends Or **** A Guy. She Comes Back Around 4 Am. I Hate How She Is Never Responsible Like Come on Now Ur Acting Like A Teenager, Give A Good Example To Your Daughter! She Always Yells And Cusses At HEr Daughter And That Gets ME Really Angry BEcause My Mom Never Talked To Us LIke That! And Well She's Always Asking Me For FAvors And I Do It , But When I Ask Her She Says No. She Talks Back To My Dad But When i Do She Makes A BIg Deal About It And One Time She Was Even Crying Because I Yelled At My Dad. ( Shes Such A Drama Queen) But Ugghhhhh! She Expects Us To Do Go Things While She;s ******* Guys And ****, I Hope She ***** With A GUy With Aids, Maybe That Will TEach Her A Lesson >:/
LittleMartian LittleMartian
13-15, F
Oct 30, 2011