Inspirational Quotes

i love collecting quotes especially inspirational always helps me during difficult situations in also help me struggle and
go through difficult challenges in life.......i will love to share some quotes with you
*you may not be responsible for getting knocked down but you are certainly responsible for getting back up
*a man who tries to succeed must expect to be criticized
*never let life's hardship disturb you, no one can avoid problems
*success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out
*it is foolish to fear what you cant avoid
*flow with what ever is happening and let your mind be free stay centered by accepting what ever you are doing this is the ultimate
*you will never find time for any thing ,if you want time, you must make it...
*if you fail doesn't mean you are a failure until you give up
*every thing you listen to as a way of controlling your life
*any one who don't follow instruction is heading for his destruction
*in life there is no vacancy for greatness, you are the one to decide to be great or not
*if you want to enjoy life don,t be a selfish fellow
*life is a race runners are many , winners are few ,so try to win your race
*you cannot please everybody,no matter what you do
*learn to handle failure positively 
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