Beautiful Quotes From Diary Of Aya

“I want to accept the me right now. And live on.
Although I will always be hurt by those heartless glances, but also at the same time I understand that gentle glances exist.
Even though it’s like this I still want to be here. Because here is, the place that I exist.
What’s wrong with falling down? Because as long as I stand back up again it’ll be just fine.
If you look up at the sky after falling down. The blue sky is also today, stretching timelessly and smiles at me.
People shouldn’t dwell on the past.
It’s enough to try your best for all that your doing now.
Mother, will I…. be able to get married? Thank you.”

-Aya Kito, Diary of Aya Kito/One Liter of Tears-
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Beautiful...thank you.

I might cried a lot when I watched the series, heartbreaking. Thank you for drop by and comment.

I'm made a commitment yesterday to read at least one story by one of the people in my friends circle every day. This made me feel so happy about that, I mean wow.

For those who don't know, One Litre of Tears is Japan TV series ba<x>sed on diary written by 15 years old Aya Kito, a Japanese girl who suffer spinocerebellar Degeneration, also known as ataxia. The disease causes the person to lose control over their body, but because the person can retain all mental ability the disease acts as a prison. So in the end she cannot eat, walk or talk. She died at age 25. <br />
The diary was about her real-life struggle dealing with her disease and hope for life. <br />
It was very heartbreaking, but it could give us a meaning of hope and be alive. A reminder that we should be grateful with what we have, a precious life

Unfortunately no, I'm looking for Indonesian or English version as well, but I couldn't find it. Sorry. I just watched the the series when it aired in here years ago.